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Vietnam (2003) Part Three

Three more pictures from my trip to Vietnam. I have so many of these! Anyway, there is another picture of the trap door along with a picture of a 'Tiger Trap' used to injure soldiers. Finally, a picture of a burned-out tank.

Vietnam (2003) Part Two

Here are some more pictures from my '03 trip. The first one is from the inside of the previous temple. The next one is kind of interesting. Somewhere in the picture is a trap door. Can you find it? It's revealed in the next picture. The Vietnamese used these during the war to evade and escape.

Vietnam (2003)

Finally, I'm going to start adding pictures again. I've been so busy since buying the house that I haven't had time to post regularly.

These pictures are from Vietnam right outside Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). I visited there while on vacation in January '03. The first picture is a country road about 20 kms outside the city. It's amazing how the infrastructure drops off once you leave the major cities. They have dirt roads and potholes big enough to bury someone in! The second and third pictures are of a temple that combines symbols from various religions. I was in Vietnam only a week but I have a lot of pictures to post.

Busy, busy, busy!

I have been so busy with the new house! I'll try to write more tomorrow.