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Annoying Habits!

There's an Asian country (NOT the one I'm currently living in) that is obsessed with the rest of the world's perception of it.  Historically, it has taken great pains to secure athletic events and promote its brand to the global community.  Despite these efforts and to its citizens' frustration, the perception of it has probably gotten worse over the years rather than better.  You see, the problem lies with this country using the wrong methodology for improving its image.  Rather than focus on highlighting grand achievements, it should focus on eliminating bad behavior.  This leads to what happened to me the other morning in my $200 a night hotel.

I entered the elevator at 0630 to head down for breakfast.  I was wearing a suit/tie and carrying a briefcase which should have indicated I was a person of some import whether true or not and immune to harrassment.  Anyway, the elevator went down one floor stopping to pick up a young married couple with two children.  Immedia…

Manti Te'o

Not related to travel at all, just posting this awesome picture of Manti Te'o celebrating the overtime victory over Stanford last week.

Chihkan Tower

These photos show Chihkan Tower in Tainan, the old capital of Taiwan.  To be honest, I didn't have time to take in much information about any sites in Tainan because I was trying to see everything and rushed around a lot.  Below is the Wikpedia link for those you would like more details about this landmark:

Different But Easy(2)

I had been postponing putting air in my tires because I thought it would be confusing what with the language barrier and the different equipment in Taiwan.  However, today I HAD to do it and jumped right in after filling up with gas.  It was amazingly easy as so many other things are here.  I really wish we had the same equipment for checking our tires in the US.  Anyway, all I had to do was select the pressure I wanted and then hold the hose to the valve until that pressure was reached.  The compressor even made a beeping sound so you wouldn't put more air in the tire than you intended.  Very efficient!  Next adventure, getting my car washed.