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Pagoda Closeup

A closeup of the tiger pagoda at Lotus Lake.


Wow!  What a nice suprise I got from my hotel the other day.  Apparently, they have a policy that you get a room upgrade once you hit 100 days at the hotel.  I walked into my standard room on Friday and saw a bottle of wine, expensive chocolate, and various other gifts along with the notification that I now have "VIP" status.  Today, I moved into my new room and it was definitely an upgrade!  It was double the size and included a bar area when you first enter the room.  Of course, not being much of a drinker I don't know how much use I'll get out of this but it still looks nice!

With five weeks to go in this room, I am definitely a big fan of the hotel!

Lotus Lake: How it got it's name

And so, you can now understand why they call the lake what they do, right?

Dragon/Tiger Pagodas (Lotus Lake)

The Dragon and Tiger Pagodas at Lotus Lake were very interesting. According to custom, you should enter through the dragon and exit from the tiger. Terrible things might happen if you do otherwise. There was a great view from the top of the pagoda. This was a good way to start the day.

Lotus Lake (Kaohshiung)

Finally putting up the pictures from Kaohshiung.  This first one shows a temple in Lotus Lake, an amazing place to visit with beautiful views.  More coming later.

Christmas Cat(2)

This cat gets along very well with other cats!