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My Future Travels

I will keep posting photos of past trips/stories as I still have many more in reserve.  These days, I've been thinking about future trips and possible destinations for these.  As readers of this blog know, I would love to visit Georgia again and will consider doing that relatively soon.  I can't wait for my job to 'possibly' send me back there.  I also have a new interest in Bulgaria due to some recent acquaintances and would like to visit that country for the first time.  Being nine years out from retirement, I'm also starting to think about some locations outside the US for permanent residence.  A friend once said that I could never find another country as stable as the US.  He may be right at the moment but the US seems to be on a downward trajectory and may not be the 'best' ten years from now.   Even if it is, I am fed up with the degradation of our culture and what this has yielded.  It will be time to move on . . .

Leaving Taiwan

These were the last sites I saw on the day I left Taiwan, the Taipei 101 building and a shot of the downtown area.  I hope I get to visit again someday.

Weekend Resort5

Some more food ready for the grill!

Weekend Resort4

Some delicious food being cooked!

Weekend Resort3

Here are some of the rooms available.