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A Lost Treasure Found

What a great thing to happen to me on Independence Day!  I was going through some boxes of old items that my mother made me bring to Texas a few years ago.  This was stuff that had accumulated over the years in my mother's house but ostensibly belonged to me.  Anyway, as I was going through one of the boxes, lo and behold, I found this knife.  I had not seen it in over thirty years but remember it belonging to my grandfather who passed away in 1988.  Somehow, it had ended up in one of the boxes and found its way to me.  My grandfather was an avid knife collector in those days and bought this in 1976.  The brand of the knife is "German Boker" and is a limited edition bicentennial model.  Quite appropriate for this day.

The amazing thing is the knife was in great condition and still had grease on the blades from the last time my grandfather oiled it.  If you look closely, you can even see the American flag embossed on the blade.  I don't know how much this is worth bu…