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Eastern Kentucky2

This was interesting.  We took this picture at the head of Long Branch about three miles from where we left the main road.  I have no idea who painted the rock or the purpose behind it but said individual seemed to have talent.

Eastern Kentucky

Last week, I visited family in both West Virginia and Kentucky.  One of the highlights of the trip was driving up this narrow road into an area called "Long Branch" in Martin County, Kentucky.  I was particularly interested in locating this area because my genealogical research identifies this as the location of some of my ancestors in the 1800s.  More specifically, I was looking for members of the 'Ball' and 'Hensley' families.  Well, Long Branch is a hard place to find if you've never been there and we had to ask a few of the locals to make sure we were in the right place.  You may also notice that the picture isn't that great and this is because trees are everywhere making it difficult to see very far!  Anyway, we didn't acquire very much information on this trip but we did get some leads concerning a few cemeteries that we want to check out in the future whenever we can get our hands on a four-wheel drive.