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Republic of Georgia

I still have about a month before I go to Georgia but am already prepping. I got some vaccinations and blood work done yesterday and will need to have a TB test on Monday. The medical can always hold things up so we try to get that out of the way first. I can't wait to go although I will miss my coworkers. I haven't traveled in almost a year primarily because my current work environment is so pleasant. Departure date is 25 August!

El Paso

Just a few from El Paso during my visit a few weeks ago. The first is of the UTEP football stadium/field. It's very nice but didn't wow me like Notre Dame stadium did the first time I saw it. The next picture is Rosa's from the Marty Robbins song. Finally, El Paso from above near Kern's Place where my aunt lives. Veronica, if you're reading this, can you send me photos with all of us in them? Somehow, I didn't take one picture with people!


Well, after having been stateside for over a year, I got my next assignment. I will be traveling to the Republic of Georgia leaving on 25 August. I am supposed to be there for three months which is about the right amount of time considering I have a new house to enjoy. I hope to travel somewhere every fall/winter rather than perpetually traveling as I did before. Above is a picture a friend sent me of the capital city at night.