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On the Road to Lake Assal5

Two more of the "locals."  Click on the picture to get a fuller/better view.

On the Road to Lake Assal4

Continuing on my sojourn through East Africa, I had to take these pictures from inside the car and usually, on the move.  For various reasons, I was reluctant to stop.  First of all, I was concerned about being swarmed by the villagers who sometimes get excited when seeing a Westerner.  I was also suspicious of the other locals crossing the road in picture number three.  I had a feeling they weren't as docile (or orderly) as they intially appeared.

On the Road to Lake Assal3

Continuing on to Lake Assal.  The second pictures shows a small town I had to pass through on my way.  In later pictures, you'll see baboons crossing the road!

On the Road to Lake Assal2

Some more of this barren land.  I always feared my car breaking down out here!

On the Road to Lake Assal

Lake Assal is the lowest point in Africa and I will post pictures of it soon.  However, these pictures were taken early in the morning on my way out to the lake.  To be exact, they were taken about 20 miles outside of Arta, Djibouti.  Be sure to check the 'Djibouti' folder for more details concerning this trip.

Outside Djibouti City

These pictures were taken near the beach just outside of Djibouti City back in '07.  The baby camel was using the tree to scratch itself.