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On The Way Home!

Well, I survived Djibouti a second time which few can say.  I am now in Johannesburg awaiting my flight to Atlanta.  I still have more pictures of DJ but will wait to post when I get home.  Too tired now!

Which One Is The Cutest?

I'm taking care of these animals during my last week in Djibouti.  It's very therapeutic after what I've been through.  Now, let me give you some information about each picture.
#1 His name is James and he funtions as an alarm clock usually before daylight.
#2 I can't remember her name but she's the shy one in the bunch and the sister of James.
#3 This dog is called "The Mouse" because of his face, I believe.  He originates from the Canary Islands.
#4 Finally, these are the outside cats who don't have any names.

Okay, which one do you think is the cutest?

Lake Assal Revisted

I visited Lake Assal four years ago during my last assignment here but wanted to see it again this time before I left.  It's reputedly the lowest point in Africa at 509 ft below sea level and the third lowest in the world.  Here are two pictures with the second clearly showing the salt content in the lake.  I dipped my hand in the water and was still scraping salt off my hand a few hours later!

Just When I'm Leaving . . .

they put up traffic lights.  These are literally the first traffic lights I've ever seen in Djibouti.  They were working the other day but they had to turn them off.  Why?  The lights caused two accidents because drivers assumed other drivers would stop when they didn't.  I like the old system of every man for himself!

Let me add, there are no people on the streets because it's 4pm, Ramadan, and 110F outside.

Follow The Directions

I've been passing this sign every day and finally decided to take a picture of it.  The one strong message I get from it is "Don't turn right!"
Well, as of today, I have only 12 days remaining in Djibouti.  I can't believe it's almost over.  If I have learned one thing over here, it's that there are many things more important than money!