Lake Assal Revisted

I visited Lake Assal four years ago during my last assignment here but wanted to see it again this time before I left.  It's reputedly the lowest point in Africa at 509 ft below sea level and the third lowest in the world.  Here are two pictures with the second clearly showing the salt content in the lake.  I dipped my hand in the water and was still scraping salt off my hand a few hours later!


  1. Why did they call it "Honey Lake"? I've just read Assal means "Honey"...and honey reminds me sugar not salt :)

  2. Maybe it refers to a romantic 'honey' rather than the insect. Oh, Lilia, only six more days to go!

  3. I suppose you're very sad :D

  4. I am terribly sad. I am trying to take pictures of all the unusual things because I know I'm never coming back to this place!


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