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Yes, a small waterfall in Tbilisi is more impressive than even Niagra Falls.  I just can't seem to get Georgia out of my system.  Does anyone know a cure for this?

Italian Art!

A good friend of mine in Catania sent me this wonderful gift a few weeks ago.  I think it shows real talent.  What do you think?

Oh!  You need to click on the photo and see it up close to truly appreciate it.

Freedom Square Park in T'bilisi

A nice little park that I used to sit in while people watching.

St. Nicholas Church in Presov

I snapped this picture at just the right time!

I have just one question . . .

. . . what magic makes this so beautiful?  Just another scene from magnificent T'bilisi.

Main Street, Presov!

Right outside my hotel in Presov, Slovakia.  Cars were forbidden--only bicycles and pedestrians were allowed. 

PS I haven't forgotton about Georgia, I just need to add more variety to my blog.

Blast from the Past!

I traveled to Presov, Slovakia in July 2006.  It was my first overseas trip with my current employer and I stayed there approximately five months.  During the first week, we had a thunderstorm in the early afternoon but it started to clear up around sunset.  I remember snapping this picture without realizing that that was a castle on the hill in the background.  I later visited it several times.  I recommend you click on the picture to get a better view.

Church on Rustaveli

I need to locate this church's name, but what really mattered to me was the ambience that existed there as I passed it on one of my strolls.

Another Beautiful Scene . . .

. . . in downtown T'bilisi.  It was like living in 'wonderland.'

Georgian Hospitality!

This is just another example of the ubiquitous nature of Georgian hospitality.  Although I ultimately declined, this gentleman kindly offered me a bowl of wine.  I wish people everywhere were so kind-hearted.

Rustaveli Avenue

I used to stroll down this street.  Was it a dream?  Seriously, I have been away from Georgia for almost two months yet, I still miss it terribly.  I wonder when this will end.  If there's anyone out there who has lived in Georgia and found a way to control the longing for it once they left, please tell me the method!

More From Downtown

Tbilisi is the only place where I actually enjoyed walking uphill because the rewards at the top were always so great!

East of Eden (Georgia)

Needless to say, I was very happy to stumble upon this quote as it is from my favorite author talking about my favorite country.  Apparently, John Steinbeck visited the Republic of Georgia in the late 1940s and said the following:

"It is a magical place, Georgia, and it becomes dream-like the moment you have left it."

I know exactly what he meant by this.  When you're living there, you can't believe you're fortunate enough to be experiencing the country and people.  When you leave, you feel as if it were a dream that never really happened.  I have found a kindred spirit when it comes to my view of this wonderful country.

The Rustaveli Sidewalk

Another photo of my favorite stroll down Rustaveli.  I especially enjoyed walking early on a Saturday morning when not many people were out yet.

Merry Christmas!!! (In Georgia)

Tomorrow is the 'Georgian Christmas' so I'd like to wish all my Georgian friends a Merry Christmas this year.

Here is a great link to help you celebrate:

A Change of Pace

Here are some pictures of the area near Medina Lake, about 20 miles west of my house in San Antonio.  I took a drive there yesterday and snapped a few.  The second picture is a vintage ranch entrance.  I wanted to drive through it but didn't know how the owners might react (home defense is encouraged in Texas!).  Picture #4 is the lake with the dam in view.  Number five is a little chapel I found out in the middle of nowhere.  It's called 'St. Francis Chapel' and I wonder how many people attend mass there?  I took the last picture on my way back home via an alternate route.  I thought it was interesting how the trees had grown together over the road.