Georgian Hospitality!

This is just another example of the ubiquitous nature of Georgian hospitality.  Although I ultimately declined, this gentleman kindly offered me a bowl of wine.  I wish people everywhere were so kind-hearted.


  1. Hi Russ! Thanks for continuing to post new pictures. How are things going in Texas?

  2. It was very kind of him.
    You're right, Russ! Hospitality plays a very important role when you visit a country.

  3. Margherita,

    Well, Texas is nice but you know where my heart is, don't you? By the way, I have a question for you. When I reply to your comments, are you automatically notified through e-mail or do you have to come back to my website to see any followw-up comments? Just wondering.

  4. Lilia,

    If I come to Sicily, will I see even more hospitality like this?


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