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Georgian Musicians!

They were playing some amazing music that inspired the patrons to get up and dance!

Georgian Dancing!

Not that great a picture but I like the detail of the restaurant interior.

More Saris Castle

Here are some more from the Saris Castle expedition.  I especially like the picture of the little Slovak town nestled in the valley.

Dancing at the Supra!

All of us got into the spirit of the evening by dancing at the Supra!  Fortunately, no one caught me in the act.

Saris Castle

Here are some pictures from an easier climb up to Saris Castle.  This castle is on a hill above the town of 'Velky Saris' near the city of Presov, Slovakia.  The first picture is a scene on the way up.  The second shows the castle ruins and the third shows me at the top with some of my friends.  I'll post some more of this short trip tomorrow.

At The Supra!

I can't remember who the photographer was nor what they intended to be the subject of their photo.  If it was me, they failed miserably as my face was completely blocked out by this traditional Georgian food.  Can anyone name this food?  It's actually very famous.

Some Interesting Georgian Links

A Georgian friend of mine sent me these links.  They show scenes from Western Georgia with Mingrelian music in the background.  This music is very well known in that part of the world.

Georgian Dancing and a Wagon in the Sky

Taken at a 'Supra' with my friends the week before I departed Georgia.

Georgian Food!

This is why I gained weight in Georgia.  The food was so delicious!

Mt. Rysy7

One last picture . . . the bridge was holding me up!  I think at this point, we were about 90 minutes away from the car.

A Restaurant Near Mtsketa

Can you guess what those red things are hanging from the building?

Mt. Rysy6

These pictures were taken on the way back down from the summit. You have no idea how tired I was at this point.  Every time my feet hit a rock, it felt as if my spine were going to collapse!  After walking/climbing for several hours, I just wanted to get home.  You can see how tired I was from looking at my face in the pictures.

Mtsketa: Cross on the Hill

A nice picture, I think.  I like how this cross lines up with the cathedral wall.

Mt. Rysy5

At the Summit!
Palo at the Summit!
A Nice View!

Finally!!!  We made it to the summit.  I'm in the first picture and one of my 'mountaineering' team members is in the second.  As you can see from the sign, the Polish border meets the Slovak one right at the top!  The third picture is actually quite interesting.  They have an outside toilet at about 2,300 meters that stands on a ledge overlooking quite the drop.  I took this picture from the entryway to the toilet itself.  This is not a good place to suffer from acrophobia!

The Cathedral Close Up (Mtsketa)

I've posted many pictures of this before but can you locate (and identify) the creature hidden in the design???

Mt. Rysy4

Another picture of a 'pleso' (mountain lake)
A hotel cum restaurant at 2300 meters!
I wasn't resting.  I was looking for a place to be buried!!!
More pictures of the ascent of Mt. Rysy!  Please read the captions below it picture.

Mt. Rysy3

Some more photos of the view on the way up.  Every time my foot hit one of those rocks, it sent a shock through my body!