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Arta, Djibouti

These pictures were snapped in November, 2007 in Djibouti (East Africa).  More specifically, they were taken in and near Arta, a small town on the coast.  The first picture shows me posing on a hillside and the next one shows my coworker, Sa'ad.  The final one shows me being attacked by some fierce beasts but, don't worry!  I survived.

Bardejov And Surrounding Areas6


Bardejov And Surrounding Areas5

Interesting pictures of farm tools, furniture, and a thatched roof from long ago.

1,000 English Native Speakers in Georgian Schools

At least, that's the eventual goal.  Whether the Georgian government realizes it or not, I like the direction it's heading.  Below is the link for the article:

A Dangerous Cat!

This is a wanted poster for my mother's cat which is guilty of many crimes.  You can identify it by the five toes it has just like the Hemingway cats.

Flooding in Slovakia

Video of the Torysa river, Presov flooding last spring.  Thanks to my friend in Slovakia for sending this to me.

High Tatras

From top to bottom, Skalnate lake, Strbske lake, Sliezsky House, a hotel view, and finally, Batizovske lake.  A good friend of mine from Presov sent these pictures of his summer vacation in the High Tatras.

Bardejov And Surrounding Areas4

Some more from the village!