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El Paso

Last weekend, I went to El Paso to visit my relatives. Although I had heard some negative things about the city from friends in San Antonio, I had a great time and could even imagine living there. I don't know what it is about the city but I'm drawn to it!

New Painting!

I just bought a reproduction of 'Ruins in Architecture' by Panini and am displaying it in my office.

Military Awards

I don't know why I keep posting photos of military awards recently?? Perhaps it's because last weekend was D-Day and/or I watched a few episodes of 'Band of Brothers' and the movie 'A Bridge Too Far.' Who knows? Anyway, I joined the military right out of high school serving from 1981-1986. Fortunately, I missed out on any serious campaigns although they eventually
got me (see previous posts on Afghanistan!!). Hey, the incoming doesn't know if you're military or a civilian! Anyway, looking at the display case from left to right, the medals are as follows: Army Commendation Medal Army Achievement Medal Good Conduct Medal Global War on Terrorism Civilian Medal *Vierdaagse Cross-an official Dutch decoration that can be worn on a Dutch uniform Alpine March Medal-Bern, Switzerland Above the nametag is a 'Sharpshooter' badge for both M-16 and grenade. At the top, is the unit insignia for the Intelligence and Security Command. Finally, I achieved the r…

GWOT Medal

I finally got my Global War On Terrorism Medal (GWOT) for my time in Afghanistan!