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Preparing for Taiwan

Five more days till departure!  This is the worst part, the anticipation and apprehension for the unknown.  Then, of course, there's the long trip resulting in horrific jetlag.  I'm sure once the first week is over though, I'll be right at home in my new environment.  I can't wait to explore a new country!

Adorable Kittens!

No, this was not a staged picture.  My mother sent this to me a few days ago and it represents a real situation with kittens playing in a flower pot.  They are very photogenic.

Still preparing for my departure to Taiwan.  This blog should really ramp up then.


Fantastic news!  I just found out that I'm being sent to Taiwan for six months!  Finally, I can start adding new pictures to this blog.

Deer Sighting!

Kind of interesting, this deer was spotted below my mother's back yard on a river bank in West Virginia.

NamSeoul University2

Continuing the theme below, this is the Administration building at NamSeoul University.

NamSeoul University

Near the town of Seunghwan is NamSeoul University.  I worked there for a year but decided to leave before I became too comfortable. I was worried that having a job with up to five months of paid vacation a year might make me never want to leave!  In the end, it paid off as I acquired my current job in the US which offered me more of a future.  Still, I have good memories of this place.

This is a picture of the library building on the campus.