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Camel Racing2

One more from the desert!

Camel Racing

I took this picture about five years ago in Saudi Arabia.  Although it's a very interesting one, I feel guilty in posting it because of the plight of the young jockeys used to race the camels.  They are brought into the country through various methods and then exposed to the dangers of the sport.  I think there is more awareness today of the problem and steps are being taken to eradicate it.

The Birds!!!

These two showed up on the window sill outside my office and refused to fly away.  I wonder if they were waiting for me to die or something!

The West Bank

Some more pictures from the West Bank circa 1989.  The one at the top includes some of the members of the family I stayed with.  The one in the middle displays the Palestinian flag painted on a rock.  This was quite risky as any representation of the flag was/is illegal.  The final figure shows a gravel road in the small village I spent four days in.  This was a unique experience that I'm glad I had.

Bridge Over the River Kwai2

Sailing along the river near the bridge took in some beautiful scenery.

Dome of the Rock

A long time ago, I was doing foreign study at the American University of Cairo.  My best friend there was Palestinian-American and still had family in the West Bank.  During one of our school vacations, he invited me to travel with him to Israel and spend four days looking around the area.  The trip up was an event in itself but the time spent in his family's village was even more amazing.  It was a village near Ramallah and we were there during the time of the first 'Intifadah.'  I have some stories to tell about that!  Anyway, the top picture is of the 'Dome of the Rock,' the third holiest place in Islam.  The bottom picture is my friend with some of his younger siblings.

Scenic, Indeed!

Again, another scene on the outskirts of Prague.  I remember the weather was beautiful that day with a slight breeze.  A perfect day with good friends (and food).

A Unique Church (Prague)

Prague is like walking through a museum.  This church was in a suburb of Prague not far from the cemetary with Dvorak's tomb.

Burmese Railway

Another famous structure built by POWs during WWII. This picture was taken in '97 just outside of Bangkok. I actually took it from the back of the train as I was riding.

"Tebrone Surrealistic Paintings"

This website displays art by a Georgian painter living in Tbilisi. Please check it out. I promise you won't regret it.

Traditional Dance Performance2

Press the play button to view!!!

Another Amazing Door in Prague!

Can you believe this?  I wonder what's behind the door?

Bridge Over the River Kwai

As a salute to all the veterans on Memorial Day, here is a picture of the bridge over the Kwai river near Bangkok.  The other picture shows the burial site of the POWs who helped to build the bridge with most of these being Australian.