Camel Racing

I took this picture about five years ago in Saudi Arabia.  Although it's a very interesting one, I feel guilty in posting it because of the plight of the young jockeys used to race the camels.  They are brought into the country through various methods and then exposed to the dangers of the sport.  I think there is more awareness today of the problem and steps are being taken to eradicate it.


  1. Camel racing is a big tradition in Saudi Arabia which also enables young jockeys to participate in order to win huge money. But when it comes to safety, this tournament fails on that issue.

    I prefer visiting hospitable countries like Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines rather than Saudi Arabia.

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  2. Hi, Janice!

    Thanks for posting and thanks for the blog reference. I was in SA because of work. Even if I wanted to visit there as a tourist, it would be extremely difficult due to the limitations on that kind of visa. Like you, I enjoy SE Asia a lot and worked in Thailand many moons ago. Are you in SE Asia now? Take care.


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