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First Day Of Ramadan . . .

. . . in Djibouti.  I've been told the fasting will cause the amount of work to decrease.  How could that be possible?  Does that mean people will cease having a pulse?

Major Sandstorm!

There's a major sandstorm happening in Djibouti right now!  I took this picture around 5pm but it doesn't convey the seriousness of the storm.  Current temperature is 106 having cooled down because the sun is blocked out by the sand.  The wind sounds like a freight train.  I hope it's over by tomorrow morning because I have a long drive to work.

Five Weeks To Go!

Yes, only five weeks to go but this is going to be the longest five weeks of my life!  The temperature ranges from 110-115F every day and doesn't go below 100 at night.  Since the AC in my hotel room isn't the best, I always feel a little warm.  Those who know me, know that I actually like warmer weather and keep the AC on low in my own home.  Imagine how you'd feel if you were here.  And, August is supposed to be even hotter!  Since I don't have AC at all at work, I don't know how I'm going to manage.

Some minor annoyances that used to be funny are making me really angry now.  For example, due to the heat, the electricity is always going off during the afternoon.  My hotel has a generator so it never becomes dangerous but when the electricity goes off, you lose the internet for at least the next several hours.  You see, there may not be anyone at the internet company in the afternoon to restart the system.  I know that's hard to believe but it's true. …

What's Wrong With Me?

I haven't posted anything in two weeks?  I need to get off my butt and take some pictures and put them up.  The problem is the 110F plus weather.  It makes me not even want to go outside!