What's Wrong With Me?

I haven't posted anything in two weeks?  I need to get off my butt and take some pictures and put them up.  The problem is the 110F plus weather.  It makes me not even want to go outside!


  1. It's very hot here too, so I can understand you perfectly. Forecasters said it will be hotter on the weekend...We feel even hotter with high humidity...can't stand summer here :( The air conditioners we have run all the day...and we don't have the desire to go outside...
    When will you leave Dijbouti?

  2. I will leave on 25 August but that seems so far away!

  3. It isn't far away...be strong, my dear friend.

  4. Hi Russ, sorry for my out...my e.mail isn't working again :(...I read about a possible default in the States and I'm very worried for my son's future there. So I opened a discussion on facebook.
    A friend of mine from Chicago said me :"Unemployment in the US hit 9.2% last month, and many employee pension plans are in trouble. The State of Illinois is broke. Unfortunately, I believe the US is responsible for much of the economic problems worldwide, and it will get worse before it gets better :("
    Your dear friend Guerino said: "I would suggest you wait until after the 2012 elections to decide your son's future in the States. I am very confident that things will change and.....for the better.....United States default? I don't believe so. If that happens it will be the end of the 2 party system in America."
    I would like to learn your opinion about what's happening in the USA...Do I have to wait before relocating there? What do you suggest me to do? Thanks in advance for your answer. Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Lilia,

    Let me know when you get your e-mail back and I will answer your question in private. A lot of people would get angry at my answer even though it's the truth.

  6. Ok Russ, my e.mail is working now. Waiting for your answer. Thanks in advance. What's the weather like there? It's still hot here :(

  7. Lilia,

    I sent you an e-mail but it bounced back. Can you confirm your address for me? I'm using the same one you had before. Anyway, please send me a test e-mail to see if it works.

  8. ok, done. I've just sent you a test e.mail.
    Hope to hear from you soon.


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