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El Paso Trip

I was supposed to visit my relatives in El Paso this weekend but I had a medical issue arise. I feel better now and hope to visit them soon. Fortunately, my ticket through SW airlines was credited and I can use the amount for a future ticket. I am still disappointed though because I hadn't seen them in so long. I must do this soon.

Vietnam (2003) Part Five

Continuing the pictures from Vietnam . . . Our boat left the main river and is now on a channel working it's way through the jungle. All of a sudden, we come upon a small settlement. I can't imagine living in that area!

El Paso

I'll be flying up to El Paso this Friday to visit relatives. I've never
been there before so I hope to get some good pictures for the site.

Saris Castle

Here are a few pictures of Saris Castle a friend sent to me. I don't think she'd mind me posting them on the blog. For those of you who don't know, this castle is in Velky Saris (near Presov) and has a certain mythology associated with it. If you want to read about this, go to the search engine above and type in 'Saris Castle' and 'White Lady.' Something should come up.

Test Message

Just testing to see if posting by e-mail functions as it should!

Vietnam (2003) Part Four

The continuing Vietnam saga. One day, I took a tour on the Mekong. Here are a few pictures that show the river at the outset of the trip. One of the pictures shows me with Japanese tourists on the boat. They wanted a picture with me, go figure!