Dome of the Rock

A long time ago, I was doing foreign study at the American University of Cairo.  My best friend there was Palestinian-American and still had family in the West Bank.  During one of our school vacations, he invited me to travel with him to Israel and spend four days looking around the area.  The trip up was an event in itself but the time spent in his family's village was even more amazing.  It was a village near Ramallah and we were there during the time of the first 'Intifadah.'  I have some stories to tell about that!  Anyway, the top picture is of the 'Dome of the Rock,' the third holiest place in Islam.  The bottom picture is my friend with some of his younger siblings.


  1. Please tell me more about the days you spent near Ramallah! What about your Palestinian-American friend? Is still living in the USA? And his family?

  2. I assume he is still in the US but I lost touch with him about 15 years ago. It was just before the internet age and I haven't been able to locate him since. I will give you some more information about Ramallah as I post some more pictures to go along with the story. Thanks again for checking in.


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