Mt. Rysy5

At the Summit!

Palo at the Summit!

A Nice View!

Finally!!!  We made it to the summit.  I'm in the first picture and one of my 'mountaineering' team members is in the second.  As you can see from the sign, the Polish border meets the Slovak one right at the top!  The third picture is actually quite interesting.  They have an outside toilet at about 2,300 meters that stands on a ledge overlooking quite the drop.  I took this picture from the entryway to the toilet itself.  This is not a good place to suffer from acrophobia!


  1. Neat!! Thanks for letting me know about this peak. I have done quite a bit of mountain climbing in the USA but have yet to do any serious hiking in Slovakia (the peaks around my hometown of Banska Bystrica excluded). When did you do this hike? From the look of the photos, I am guessing it was in late August/September?

  2. It was September 9, 2006 to be exact. The scenery was so beautiful and I have yet to discover anything like that in the US yet.

    Thanks for commenting, Lubos!


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