Blast from the Past!

I traveled to Presov, Slovakia in July 2006.  It was my first overseas trip with my current employer and I stayed there approximately five months.  During the first week, we had a thunderstorm in the early afternoon but it started to clear up around sunset.  I remember snapping this picture without realizing that that was a castle on the hill in the background.  I later visited it several times.  I recommend you click on the picture to get a better view.


  1. Gosh, I'm just loving Europe more and more. Sure would be nice to live here. Sigh . . .

  2. But Lisa, you do live there don't you? I've had five MTTs now and two of them have been in Europe (if you count Georgia which is sort of at a crossroads between East and West), two in Asia and one in Africa. What a life and the fun's just starting!


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