Yes, a small waterfall in Tbilisi is more impressive than even Niagra Falls.  I just can't seem to get Georgia out of my system.  Does anyone know a cure for this?


  1. The weather is perfect today. Just go and wolk along this main street. Sunny, worm like a middle spring.
    I hope you will join us back soon..

  2. I know, I miss that walk so much. I can't wait to see it again. I will kiss the ground when my plane lands in Georgia!

  3. And I will kiss the ground when my plane lands in the US :) I miss NYC very much.

  4. Then DO NOT visit Georgia first, Lilia. If you do, it will cast a spell on you and you will never want to travel anywhere else!

  5. Hello! McCoy
    I visited your blog, it was so interesting
    and enjoyable.
    Once again, I appreciate your kindness and
    teaching. thank you, sir
    -major choi in DLI-

  6. Thank you, MAJ Choi! I look forward to talking to you in the future.


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