East of Eden (Georgia)

Needless to say, I was very happy to stumble upon this quote as it is from my favorite author talking about my favorite country.  Apparently, John Steinbeck visited the Republic of Georgia in the late 1940s and said the following:

"It is a magical place, Georgia, and it becomes dream-like the moment you have left it."

I know exactly what he meant by this.  When you're living there, you can't believe you're fortunate enough to be experiencing the country and people.  When you leave, you feel as if it were a dream that never really happened.  I have found a kindred spirit when it comes to my view of this wonderful country.


  1. Hi Russ...I just wanted to wish you a late Happy New Year! I hope that 2010 takes you back to Georgia!

  2. Hi, Margherita!

    So do I! How about your plans? Are you still visiting Georgia this year? Did you pick up the book I recommended? I'm almost finished with it. It's in electronic form or I would send it to you.

  3. I may make a visit at some point this year, if I can...

    Unfortunately I haven't picked up the book yet. I don't think that it has been translated into Italian, so I'll have to pick it up the next time that I'm in the US or the UK. How do you like using the Kindle? I was thinking about buying one, but I think that there are some problems with downloading from outside of the US, and e-books aren't very popular here in Italy...

  4. Oh, Margherita! You should really order the E-Reader. I just checked the Amazon website and the features in Italy are the same as in the US. In other words, you can buy a book and it will automatically download using the 3G network. Or, you can download it to your computer and use a USB cable to then download it to your reader. Amazon also ships it directly to Italy if you want. One thing I love, most of the classics are free! I was able to download five books from Roman literature at zero cost.

    Really, I feel like the e-reader will do for reading what e-mail did for writing. I am reading more now because it seems fun!

    Did you mean there aren't many books in Italian available for the e-reader? Hopefully, that will change as they become more popular. Please write if you have any more questions.


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