Just When I'm Leaving . . .

they put up traffic lights.  These are literally the first traffic lights I've ever seen in Djibouti.  They were working the other day but they had to turn them off.  Why?  The lights caused two accidents because drivers assumed other drivers would stop when they didn't.  I like the old system of every man for himself!

Let me add, there are no people on the streets because it's 4pm, Ramadan, and 110F outside.


  1. and we take the safety that traffic lights afford for granted....until in the last few years so many people run red lights. Of course if we run into someone that is going through a red light illegally, we will be liable.

  2. In Djibouti, I would never trust a light. I still look both ways before I cross an intersection here. I only have nine more days left so hopefully, I can avoid an accident in my remaining time:)


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