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I've added some of my favorite links for Slovakia in the right margin.


This website provides info on the city I lived in for five months last year. I especially love the photo section. It brings back wonderful memories of the strolls I used to take in the cool autumn evenings with the ancient architecture looming in the background.

*Slovak Language

A website that has a little of everything pertaining to Slovakia but I especially like the language section. Check it out if you want to see the subtle differences between Czech and Slovak.

*Slovak Spectator

This is a subscription site but they do have some free articles.


Once again, a little of everything with a great discussion forum on all things Slovak!



  1. I hadn't known a lot about Slovak until I checked information offered by you. I met some students from the Czech Republic in DLI, but unfortunately I didn't have the chance to see Slovak students. I envy you because you've been to many countries. "Variety is the spice of the life."

  2. Mariko-san!

    Thanks so much for posting on my blog. You were the second person to do so and I just created it yesterday. Yes, as I told you before, Slovakia is a wonderful country. It is similar to Japan in that way but they also have a lot of differences. One difference that comes to mind is the nature of socializing in Slovakia versus Japan.

    Anyway, thanks again! Please feel free to pass this blog to the other guys in the Komaki office or any of your friends. My goal is one million members!! Ha, ha!

  3. PS "Variety IS the spice of life" and you can use this website to fine tune your near perfect English!!


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