Pictures of Slovakia

I have decided to add new pictures every week for everyone to see. These pictures will be in a slideshow format, but if you click on one, it should open up into a bigger window. I'm including pictures of Slovakia first as this was the first place I traveled with my current job. Below is a description of each picture.

#1 I flew into Bratislava and stayed there for three days. Then, the Slovak military transported me to Presov the third largest city in Slovakia. I saw the 'Tatra' mountains on the way there and snapped this picture.

#2 A castle near the town of Levoca. It's supposed to be the biggest castle in this part of Europe.

#3 The main street of Presov after a rain shower. I'll have more pictures of the downtown area in later postings.

#4 A beautiful arch leading to another street.

#5 A 700 year old church at dusk. It was difficult having to see this sight every evening from my hotel room. Ha, ha!

Please let me know what you think.


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