A Stroll Downtown . . .

Well, I seem to be in the mood for writing a lot today. I just took a stroll downtown and it was quite enjoyable. The downtown area in Djibouti is probably like nothing you've seen before. It's sort of a combination between a US urban area and a Middle Eastern souk. You can smell the various aromas and incense as you're walking down back alleys. You can see the hawkers in front of their respective shops. I particularly enjoyed this evening's stroll because I believe it's the first time the temperature has been below 80 since I've been here. It was 78 at 7pm.

The best time to be downtown is definitely at night. Not only is it cooler, but you can see all the shops. It's amazing how many shops exist that you weren't aware of walking around during the day. But, at night, all the lights come on and everything is so active. I swear, there is definitely a charm to this place. I know I'm going to have mixed feelings about leaving when the time comes.


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