I'm Euphoric!!

The internet's back up and I'm surfing at high speed! I will do my best to post a new Djiboutian travelogue tomorrow. If not, it should come out no later than Sunday. I'm going to change the usual theme, i.e., encountering dangerous animals, to something a little tamer. Hope you enjoy it.

I had a 'Seinfeld' moment this evening. I've mentioned the street vendors before but I haven't talked about the taxi drivers. They can be even worse, but I wonder; what do they hope to achieve by getting you to change your mind and buy their service? If you're selling sunglasses, persistence can pay off by selling me the glasses. But, if a taxi driver convinces me to get in his cab, where are we going? I didn't need a cab, so, do I make up a destination? I just don't get it!

Really, I should be thankful and just laugh at these cultural experiences. I am so lucky to have a job that not only allows me to travel but also to live overseas for extended periods of time. Still, it's good to vent on occasion.

Until the next time . . .


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