"The Kite Runner"

Recently, based on a friend's recommendation, I started reading the book "The Kite Runner." I had heard a lot about this book and also the movie which was released in the US just a few weeks ago. Mainly, I had heard that the two young stars were under threat in their native Afghanistan because of perceived insults to the culture as portrayed in the movie. Apparently, fearing for their safety, the movie company whisked them away to the UAE. This episode probably did more to publicize the story than anything else.

Well, I don't want to turn this blog into a forum for book reviews (albeit a book about a fascinating country). Let me just say that I have enjoyed it so far and highly recommend it as a wonderful story and a way to become familiar with Afghani culture. You'll find yourself not only condemning one of the character's actions (or should I say inaction) and, at the same time, trying to convince yourself that you would have been nobler at such a young age. This is a book that really inspires introspection on the part of the reader. Please give it a read.


  1. HI RUSS,

    Tom Crews here. The Kite Runner pulled me in immediately. I agree with your comments and encourage everyone to read it, although I think most people already have! You must read his latest, A Thousand Splendid Suns. It is just as absorbing, though a bit darker. Cheers.

  2. Tom,

    Thanks for posting. Were you able to access this site in Saudi or are you on vacation? Yeah, I can't find his other book here in Djibouti. I guess I'll read it when I get back. I have a dilemma at the moment. The Kite Runner was so good, I don't want to start reading another book!

    Take care


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