New Content

Okay, I've added some new content to the site. Specifically, I've added:

*The first Slovak Travelogue--Some of you have seen this before but most of you haven't. I plan to post one of these every week until they run out. Then, I will post my Japanese travelogues and after that, the Djiboutian ones that I've written so far. Eventually, the collection will be complete! Of course, I will post the current Djiboutian TLs as I write them.

*Djiboutian Links--Or should I say 'link' . . . There really isn't a lot out there about Djibouti so I was only able to post the official tourism link. Let me know if you find others.

I want to reiterate that you're welcome to comment on anything I've written. I have invited some of you I know to initiate new posts and I will permit others who contact me my e-mail.

Enjoy your holidays!


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