Travelogue Djibouti (5)

Hello to everyone! This is the fifth installment of my travelogue for Djibouti. I think you'll enjoy the pictures and the story of how I got them this morning. Here is the link for the pictures:

Now, on with the story. I woke up this morning and felt unusually energetic. Therefore, I decided to take a drive outside of the city where things can get really interesting. I figured that the traffic wouldn't be so bad early in the morning and I could make better time. For the most part this was true although there were also a lot of truckers on the road. They take the East-West highway to deliver goods back and forth to Ethiopia. Anyway, I drove on this road for about 50 kilometers until I reached a fork in the road. To the right, you will go to Arta where I've already been twice. To the left, you will head to Al-Sabieh and ultimately, the Ethiopian border although that would be quite a drive further. I decided to go left and explore as long as the road stayed navigable.

Wow! I was really headed into the wilds of Africa. In the first small town I passed through, pedestrians had a hard time distinguishing the sidewalks from the road and I had to weave my way through them. Once I exited this town, I thought it would be a good opportunity to snap some pictures. In the first picture, you can see a lone hill that gave me a peaceful feeling in the early morning hours. However, that peace was broken by shouts from a teenage boy who was about 100 meters away. I noticed he was moving towards me, but decided to continue enjoying the scene. He kept coming and shouting and I started to think it might be time to get in the car and leave. He ran right up to the car and started pounding on the window. In retrospect, I believe he just wanted to ask for money or food, but my feeling was he wouldn't have taken kindly to no for an answer.

Well, after that adrenaline rush, I continued on down the road. I took more pictures of the topography as you can see in the second and third pictures. It looked pretty much the same the whole way, but was not boring at all. After a while, I decided to turn around and come back. In picture number four, you can see part of the small town that I passed through on my way out. I had to take pictures from the car because I didn't want to stop and be the center of attention.

On the way out of that town, I had a nice surprise. As you can see in picture five, I ran into some wildlife that was slightly more dangerous than what I'd encountered before. I wanted to get out and pet them, but figured they were busy gathering food and whatnot. You just never know what will be around the next corner in Africa.

As always, I look forward to your feedback.


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