Travelogue Japan (6) A Local Temple

Written July 15, 2007.

Wow! It's been a long time since my last letter. My only excuse is that I've been so busy living life that I haven't had time to write. Work continues to be great and I still whistle when I wake up on a weekday morning. My favorite saying is 'TGIM' (Thank god it's Monday!). One of my coworkers told me that she's never met anyone so enthusiastic in her life. I tell her that it's only because I'm in Japan.

I've read several stories with a common theme . . . a westerner inadvertently ends up in the Far East and is at first viewed as a complete outsider. As time passes though, he earns the trust of his hosts and gradually gains access to the mysteries of the Orient. I have finally entered that stage. It feels as if the keys to the kingdom have been handed to me. I would love to reveal some of these secrets to all of you, but then I would lose my exalted position.

One thing I can tell you though, in a Japanese office, the higher the employee's rank, the closer he sits to the boss. It took me four months to learn this valuable secret. Don't you think it was worth the wait?

Anyway, here are some pictures of a trip I took several weeks ago. We went to a local temple and spent the afternoon. Maybe I'm crazy, but I felt like I had a heightened sense of the nature around me.

#1 Some fish in a pool near the temple, #2 The temple itself, #3 Two of my coworkers

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