Travelogue Slovakia (6) Prague

Written on August 28, 2006

Hi, Everyone!!

Well, these travelogues are definitely getting out of control, but where do I stop? Do I wait several weeks to send pictures of Prague? It's a vicious cycle!

As all of you know, I went to Prague the last weekend. I would have preferred to have more time, but it was the only weekend that was convenient for my friends. So, I put aside my 'needs' and went along. The trip was a marathon to say the least. I had a great time, but suffered immensely for it. You'll see what I mean as the story progresses.

We left Friday night at 2135 and arrived in Prague at 0700 the next morning. The plan was to sleep on the bus and be refreshed for a tour of the city. Sometimes, things don't work out the way you plan them. The bus we took made airplane 'economy' seem like a seat in first class. I think my knees were pressed against my chest most of the trip. I will say I got an hour's sleep, but I'm rounding up from a lower amount. My friends suffered equally. You can see the pain in some of the pictures of me!

Upon arrival, we took the subway to the city center. It's nice to have friends who speak the language and know how to get around. I can just shut my mind down and enjoy the sites. Before I write further, I just want to say that nothing prepares you for Prague except maybe Vienna. Actually, they used Prague to film 'Amadeus' instead of Vienna because Prague retained much of its old world charm whereas Vienna was considered too 'modern.' Anyway, I have said before that my words can't describe the beauty I've seen and only pictures can show it. In Prague's case, I don't think the pictures accomplish this either!

The first area we visited includes Prague castle and Hradchany. Essentially, this is a huge complex on a hill that encompasses the castle, churches, etc. In picture #1, you can see a view of the old city below as we climbed up. Number 2 shows you cobblestone streets and the church looming in the background. Number 3 is the same church as seen from below. You can see me in one of the courtyards in picture 4! It's dark so you can't see the exhaustion on my face! But, you can in picture 5 as well as in one of my friend's faces. This last picture was taken on the Charles bridge, the most famous in Prague. It's closed to traffic and only open to pedestrians. I'll try to include better pictures of it next time.

Well, I just realized that I'm too exhausted to continue so I'm going to break this one up into two or three parts. I have sixty-one pictures total and a lot more stories to tell about this trip so it's better that I don't push it tonight. Be sure to give me feedback as usual because this is what keeps me going.

More later,



  1. Hey Russ, Caye. Did you happen to see the church of bones in Prague? Saw it on a travel special and have always wanted to go, keep up the great blogging, I'm enjoying your postings and photos.


  2. Hi, Caye!

    No, I didn't make it there. I only had three days unfortunately because I had to be back to work in Slovakia. Still, that gives me a good reason to go back, doesn't it?

    Keep checking in, Russ


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