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I just thought I'd inform everyone about what to expect from this blog in the next few days. On Wednesday, I'm going to post TLs for Slovakia, Japan and Djibouti. These TLs were written in the past, but are still interesting I do believe. Also, I'm going to Lake Assal over the weekend. It's supposed to be one of the lowest/hottest places on earth. This should provide the opportunity for some great pictures and a recent story.

I'm a little concerned because national elections are being held next weekend. There's been a lot of bad luck with elections in this part of Africa lately (ref Kenya). One of my coworkers did reassure me, however, when I brought up the possibility of election-related violence. He told me that could never happen in Djibouti because the people here are tired of fighting. I sure hope he's correct.

Anyway, thanks for reading!


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