Travelogue Japan (7) The Long Goodbye

Written on August 4, 2007

Hi, Everyone! I hope you're all doing well. This will probably be my last entry (and a short one) from Japan as I'm due to return in the fall. I can't believe I have to leave this wonderful place. Ingmar Bergman, who died recently, once said that he could not make another movie after his last one made 20 years ago. He said this because he had derived so much satisfaction from the last one that any other movie he made would be a disappointment. That's the way I feel about Japan. I may never travel to another country again for fear of a letdown. I guess I will have to force myself to travel in the future!

Anyway, my coworkers threw a 'goodbye' party for me this week and I had a blast. I got some wonderful gifts, a personal seal with my name in Chinese characters and a summer kimono to name a few. My colleagues insisted that I try on the top and I did so as you can see in the picture. The others in the picture are the Japanese instructors.

At the end of the party, I started to head out the door still wearing my gift. One of the instructors who was walking to the subway with me strongly suggested that I take it off. I said that I wanted to wear it home. She then said that she wouldn't walk with me if I didn't remove it. So much for trying to immerse myself in the culture!!

Okay, please let me know what you think. Russ


  1. where in Japan was this?


  2. Hey, Brooks! Thanks for posting. This was in Nagoya where I worked for the Japanese military. Are you in Japan now??


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