Travelogue Slovakia (8) Mt. Rysy Part 3

Taken on September 9, 2006

Here are the last pictures from my Mt. Rysy climb. It hurt terribly to climb it, but I gained some wonderful memories in the process.

#1 The view was beautiful but I really wasn't admiring it at the time. Honestly, I was looking for a place to be buried!!

#2 At the summit! I didn't realize at that moment that the worst was yet to come.

#3 My blood brother (because we sweated so much together that day) 'Palo' at the summit. He had me by 15 years! He's a helicopter pilot and I was wondering why he didn't bring it that day. Oh, be sure to check out the beautiful lakes below him.

#4 Here, we were coming down and my body was really aching from all the pounding.

#5 About halfway up or down, you have to use chains to navigate the mountain. I felt like I was the weakest link at this point.

What a wonderful adventure! I honestly want to climb this mountain again some day.

Next weeks TL will include pictures of the 'Pineny' region on the Polish border. We went rafting and then rode bicycles back upriver. It was relaxing especially compared to the previous week.

Please keep checking back in, Russ


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