Homeward Bound In Two Weeks

It's Friday evening locally and a new week begins tomorrow. This will be my last full week of work here in Djibouti. During the final week, I will be tying up some loose ends and outprocessing. I'm starting to feel how close I am to leaving and this makes me a little sad. However, I am looking forward to getting back to the US for a while and visiting my family and friends.

In my time here, I've tried to stay positive for the most part but honestly, there are some things I will not miss. I won't miss the constant begging/scamming that I encounter on the street every day. This really wears you down after a while and you dread going outside at times. I realize that people have to make a living, but there has got to be a better way. I will also not miss the constant request for favors from coworkers/acquaintenances. Everything you accomplish here is based on relationships, but I seem to be the only one giving and not receiving anything!! On a smaller scale, I won't miss waking up the receptionist every morning and asking him to turn on the server so I can check my e-mail. I really won't miss his snide comment that "This isn't the West" but I will miss my retort "Then why am I paying Western prices for non-Western service?" Can anyone guess what level of culture shock I've reached?

Well, enough complaining. I've had an enriching experience here and look forward to the next great adventure. I should know my destination in the coming months.

I'll keep you posted . . .


  1. Dear Mr Ross,
    My name is Hassan and I'm Djiboutian, I kind of ran into your blog by coincidence, I'm glad that there are some things that you've liked in Djibouti knowing that things are kind of hard over there. I really like your blog, I can see that you travel a lot, i like how you write about what you face, is writting part of your hobbies?
    What was the country that you liked the most? And what do you do for a living?

  2. Thanks for the comments, Hassan. Djibouti was difficult but there were also some positive things. I guess my favorite country was Slovakia. I felt the most comfortable there. I may be going to Egypt next. Please keep reading the blog and take care.


  3. Hey Russ,
    How are you doing, how's the travelling, where are you now? I'm currently in Egypt, if you need anything just let me know, that's my e-mail address: cheikhhass@hotmail.com.

  4. Hey, Hassan!

    Thanks for the offer. Please keep reading the blog.



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