Travelogue Slovakia (10) Bardejov Trip

Written on October 10, 2006

Well, this is the tenth travelogue so a milestone has been reached so to speak! I went to Budapest over the weekend but that report will have to wait for a few more days. Prior to sending that one, I need to update you on what happened the week before.

Some of my students had suggested that they take me to a town called Bardejov which is about 30 minutes from Presov and very near Poland. Anyway, they wanted to do this on a Monday departing during the lunch hour. Confident that my supervisor would say 'no,' I was very surprised when she agreed. She referred to it as sort of a 'field trip,' a field trip that I knew would cut into my personal time in the evening and cause me to cancel a previous engagement. I tried to psyche myself up by thinking about the fact that this city is a UNESCO site and should be interesting to see.

One hilarious thing did happen prior to the trip. They asked me if I had any swimming trunks. I said that I didn't and they said that was okay because I didn't need any clothes in the 'spa.' Now, hold on a second, "you mean I have to be naked in front of other people" I asked them. They said 'yes' and this really shocked me. Anyway, they were joking about the spa but it terrified me at the time and everyone had a good laugh at this.

Now, for some pictures:

#1 A beautiful row of houses in the downtown area. Unfortunately, it was very cloudy that day.

#2 The main church downtown

#3 Me, with a few of the students at a traditional village

#4 Another picture with students . . . the one in the middle's nickname is 'Shrek' but I'm not sure why.

#5 Inside a traditional home

As I said, I should be sending some Budapest stuff in a few days. Russ


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