Travelogue Slovakia (11) MI-24 Helicopter

Just when you thought it was over! I still have a few more adventures to send you. These pictures are from a trip we took to the Slovak Air Force base in Presov. In the first picture, you can see me sitting in an MI-24 helicopter. I thought we couldn't take pictures but the Public Affairs officer approved it. Things have certainly changed from the Warsaw Pact days! The next picture shows my Slovak coworker Susanna in the same one. Finally, you can see the same type of helicopter in the air although I was not flying it! It was a good trip, but very cold from what I remember.

I still have many more pictures from Slovakia that I'll eventually dig out. I probably won't do this for a few weeks however because I'm flying back to the US on the 19th. So, I'll be a bit busy next week.

I want to say 'hello' to my Slovak friend Palo who is currently stationed in Kosovo. I hope he's reading and is certainly welcome to post his adventures here.


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