In Afghanistan

Well, I arrived here in the wee hours of Thursday morning after a arduous journey that began last Saturday. I tried to see the trip as an adventure, but it was also very tiring. It was also quite the experience trying to catch military flights from point A to point B with luck playing a big part. All in all, my first impression was positive with the base I'm living on resembling a small, European village. It has many ethnic restaurants to go along with it's multi-cultural population. I'll give you more details after I get settled in and recover from the jetlag.


  1. Hello Russell, hope everything is OK!
    What's the weather like there?
    I'm fine and I'll work until next Wednesday and I do not have to go back until August 23. On Friday morning I went to my first painting oil lesson It was a very interesting lesson , I came there with a friend of mine, Francesca who also loves painting. The teacher is a good oil painter and he is very famous in Italy. If you visit the site and click on "Opere Pittoriche" you can see his wonderful pictures ,
    Bye for now,

  2. Hey, Lilia:

    Did you get my e-mail a few days ago? I will check out the site as soon as I can.

    Talk to you soon,



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