Afghanistan (2)

Finally, I got to be proactive and see some action instead of just waiting for the rockets to drop on my head. A friend and I assaulted this MI-24 and took some pictures. Actually, this wasn't too hard to do since it had been shot down years before!! Anyway, these pictures are of me getting some much needed rest on the way out. The other two are of me with body armor and weapon standing by our trophy. Will add some more pictures in my next posting.



  1. Russ, cool helicopter, looks quite narrow, must be for manuvering and getting into tight places. Nice to see you in cammo, and thanks again for sharing your experiences with us. Looking forward to welcoming you home again.


  2. Hey, Caye!

    Thanks for the comments. It won't be long now before I'm be back in Texas snapping pictures of Slovak culture.



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