Athens, Greece (1985)

This is a blast from the past! Here are some pictures from Athens, Greece 1985. My best friend in the military was Greek-American and invited me down to Athens for a visit. I fell in love with the place and lived there for a while before I returned to the US after my military service. I think my experience was much different than most tourists because I was able to meet 'real' people rather than those working in the tourist traps.

Anyway, these pictures were taken during the Christmas season of '85.

#1 My friend's relatives showing me around the Acropolis and the theater below.
#2 A picture of the Parthenon and Christmas Eve in the Kato Patisia neighborhood of Athens.
#3 Christmas day with more relatives and an imitation of Zorba the Greek!

The quality of these pictures is not good obviously. This was before the day of digital cameras.


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