An Interesting Travel Companion

On my flight to WV, I sat by an interesting person in uniform. I could tell by his unit insignia that he was a special operator (green beret), but asked him just to be sure. He confirmed this and told me he was just returning from Afghanistan. As it turns out, he and I had been on the same flight out of there but didn't realize it. Now, we were on the same flight home. What a coincidence! Anyway, he told me a few war stories and also made it clear that things WERE getting worse. The news had already reported this, but it was enlightening to hear specifics from someone on the ground.

That was one of the few times I was happy that a fellow passenger was talkative!

I don't have any immediate plans to travel except in Texas, but I'll probably be looking to go out again in the January/February timeframe.


  1. hope things quiet down in Afghanstan but they have a long way to go

  2. I agree. Afghanistan is a country worth saving. I've never been to Iraq so I can't comment on it.


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