Travel Postponed?

A lot going on lately which explains why I haven't posted in a while. I bought a new vehicle last month (will post a picture of it someday) and have been very busy at work. And now, I'm thinking of buying a house. This won't affect my traveling in the long run but I'll want to enjoy the house for a while before I take off again.

I'll try to post some pictures of past travels this weekend.


  1. nice to have a house to go to and a car to drive

  2. And maybe marriage will follow, who knows? At least I'm doing everything in the correct order!


  3. Hi,Russ!

    Glad to hear one piece of happy news! I want to congratulate you!
    Ah, now I must go to work on Labor Thanksgiving Day. Please take care not to catch a cold!

    Your friend in Japan,

  4. Thanks, Yukari!

    Yes, I think now's the best time to buy a house while prices are low.



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