Two Months On

I've been back in Texas for almost two months now. Under normal circumstances, this would be about the time I would be getting ready to go overseas again. However, I've decided to stay here for a while, at least a year and maybe longer. There are two reasons for this. The first is, because I've been away for most of the last two years, I feel my career has been put on hold. Those who have come after me have moved on to other departments and seem to be a bit ahead. The other reason I want to stay here a while is that it's been good to reconnect with old friends. No matter how close your friendships are, people have a tendency to forget about you when you've been gone so long. I had forgotten how nice it is to interact with those you have a lot in common with. It's much easier than trying to negotiate all the cultural pitfalls you face in other countries.

Not to worry though, I have enough pictures from past travels to keep this site alive. I can also travel Texas in my new vehicle taking pictures of interesting sites. I'm really looking forward to the downtime.


  1. Good decision, Russell. I know how you feel. Have a nice day. Tomoko

  2. Thank you Tomoko. Yes, I like to travel but it's nice to have some stability as well.

  3. I sure will, Paul! It's nice living here in Texas and there're even Czech cultural sites, German, etc. Europe is just a short drive away!


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