Hotel Room

I'm really happy today! I was allowed to move to a new room in the same
hotel but of a much higher quality. The view on the balcony is also
magnificent. Look at the pictures from bottom to top and that will simulate
how the view appears to me as I scan it in the same direction.


  1. So happy for you! I showed your photos to my family and Marco and Carlo like them very much!
    I would like to travel as you do!
    Please, enjoy this great time there.
    Hugs and kisses!

  2. How are they doing? I hope they liked the photos!

  3. Carlo is working hard with the Royal Building in Canada. Marco is out with his friends. He has just phoned to say he will go to sleep with some friends of him. He'll come back to school next week.
    Yes, they liked the photos so much and told me to give you their best regards. They always think about you and ask me news regarding your life in Georgia.

  4. That's good to hear! I hope Marco is able to attend university in the US. Which state do you think he'd like to live in? Another question, when I respond to your comments, do you get an e-mail telling you this?

  5. Which state? I think he doesn't matter which state...just the US! :)
    Yes, I get an email telling me when you respond me because yesterday I asked for this service.


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