Mtshekta Area

Here are three pictures from the main town in this area focusing on the
local church. I don't remember too many details though because I was still
terribly jetlagged. I do know this was the location of the old capital of
Eastern Georgia centuries ago.


  1. Is the first picture the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral? (I googled Mtskheta...obviously I wouldn't have known the cathedral by sight!)

    I read that the town was the capital of the Georgian Kingdom from 500BC to 500AD, and that Mtskheta (fortunately I only have to write this word and not say it!) is still the headquarters of the Georgian church.

    Did you see the Jvari Monastery? I think that it is near the cathedral...

  2. I did see Jvari and you are correct on the first one. Mtskheta is very famous for its former position as the capital. Guess what? I'm actually picking up Georgian pretty quickly. I figure it's a good tool to have if I plan to retire here someday.


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